Georgina Price-Spencer

Georgina Price-Spencer started riding at a very young age.  She fell in love with horses one summer, watching a race horse trainer bring his young horses down to a beach near where she lived, to exercise them through the surf. The picture of the horses galloping through the waves stirred up a passion which has never left her.

She moved between England and Germany many times during the first half of her life; in Germany she learnt classical dressage, grew to love German horses, and trained client’s horses as well as running the Royal Air Force Saddle Club.

In England, she did the British Horse Society training and instruction course and eventually had the joy of owning her first horse “Risky Venture”.

Risky came with Georgina and her family when they moved to the States in the late 80’s.  He became the foundation of G.E.M. Riding Academy formed in Fairfax County.   G.E.M started as a lesson program and blossomed, to include summer camps, both day and overnight.  The lesson program was renowned for having safe mounts and starting students correctly – in private lessons on the lunge line. Riders progressed quickly, by learning how to balance and find their own rhythm before moving on to riding with others in a group.  Georgina’s philosophy was to encourage her students to ride independently with safety as a high priority.

As G.E.M. grew, so did the need for good school horses.  With the knowledge gained from many countries and years of riding and training horses, she started buying young horses and raising them all consistently, handled in a gentle but firm manner.  Georgina developed her own system of training and backing young horses to develop schoolmasters; it took time but it was worth it. Her daughters, all competent riders, exposed the young horses to new environments: Pony Club, Fox Hunting, showing and eventing.  Variety (now called cross-training) is as important to the horses as it is to the riders.

Georgina has always personally managed the care of her clients and own horses. Her belief of allowing horses to have lots of turnout at Spencer Sport Horses (SSH) keeps horses happy, joints mobile, with less boredom and health issues.  We look ahead at the weather and base our turnout on what is best for our horses in comfortable temperatures, not based on a season where horses have to be in or out. Hay is freely given, good ventilation is a must, as is consistent care, feeding at regular times and a quiet barn environment where they can relax peacefully.  Having this hands-on approach sets SSH apart from other facilities.