Dressage Show

January 11, February 8, March 14

Dressage Show Series

Looking for the perfect first horse show to take your green horse to? New to Dressage? Have a seasoned competitor that needs a final outing before a big show? Come show with us!
Professionally run and well organized show with top class amenities and Attwood Equestrian Footing.
We welcome everyone!

Prizes kindly sponsored by Buckeye Feeds and Tri-County Feeds!



Winter Jumper Show Series

January 19, February 22, March 23, April 19

Winter Jumper Series-  November 17, December 1, January 19, February 23, March 22, April 19

Professionally run, friendly environment, brand new jumps with Attwood Equestrian Footing in our indoor and warm-up arena.

Puddle: Cross rails-18″
Hopeful: 2′-2’3″
Novice: 2’6″
Low: 2’9-3’0″
Schooling: 3’0-3’6″
Modified: 3’6″+ if requested

Prizes kindly sponsored by Buckeye Feeds and Tri-County Feeds!



Schooling Hunter Shows

Jan 5, February 16, March 8

Future Events


  • January 5th Hunter Show
  • January 11th Dressage Show
  • January 19th Jumper Show
  • February 8th Dressage Show
  • February 16th Hunter Show
  • February 23rd Jumper Show
  • March 8th Hunter Show
  • March 14th Dressage Show
  • March 22nd Jumper Show
  • April 19th Jumper Show

You can register for any of the above events at Event Clinics.com or by contacting Isabel [email protected]

540 316 8744 or [email protected]